Mark Latham
Sunday, February 29, 2004
  There's an old Australian ballad that called "When Johnny Howard Licks Your Arse"

Goes something like this:

"When Johnny Howard licks your arse,
You know your arse bin licked
He licks it 'till the cows come home
He uses plenty of spit

And so on.

Check this out. 
Saturday, February 21, 2004
  Dear Slackers, No-hopers and assorted suck-holes,

The thing that shits me about the Australian Labor Party is that they won't just let me be myself. If they did, I'd really take it up to the arse-licking incumbent.

Firstly, I'd promise to shoot all asylum-seekers. You've got to be tough with these people. They're not real Australians, after all.

That'd do for starters. That arse-licker Paul Kelly in the Australian would be falling over himself to lick my arse. Well, he is already - and it doesn't feel too bad, let me tell you.

Those no-hoper back-benchers who voted for me in December really crack me up. What did they expect - someone soft and cuddly? Then they should have voted for Kim.

You know, I always had a lot of time for Pauline Hanson. Well, her economics was pretty awful, but she said some good things about other stuff.

Just between you and me, I quite like Johnny Howard. He's got it about right, I reckon. You put in the economic fixes, then deal with the poor schmucks who get screwed by blaming someone of colour. It's good stuff, and you can expect more of it once I'm in.

Bye for now, losers. 
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